Wednesday, 4 March 2009


March 1st arrived on Sunday, and so the new season is underway...

Home waters are high, the colour largely normal a few days after heavy rain. Temperatures are low, with a hard frost and some light snow last night.

I missed the start of the season to celebrate a landmark 40th birthday (my brothers, not mine...) with family and good people I haven't seen for a very long time, it all happened in Cumbria last weekend. It was worth it, we had an amazing time which included a visit to Dove Cottage, one time home of Wordsworth... and a wee peek at some small water near a place called Troutbeck.

And I got to freak out, dance and party like it's 1999... two thousand, zero-zero party over oops, out of time.

That was then. This weekend? Time to get serious, f'real...


marc fauvet said...

you slut ! go fishing instead of acting silly !!!

all my love,

Andy Baird said...

Cheers Marc!

Would love to go fishing, but the high waters and rain would ruin my hair!


marc fauvet said...

hey, these comments get kinda lost if you remove the pics, ay ?